Peter J Werth

Mission Statement

The ultimate goal of the Innovation Zone is to inspire creative and innovative thinking while providing a hands-on learning environment that encourages innovative design, prototyping, collaboration, problem solving and entrepreneurship.

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About the Innovation Zone

At nearly 1,500 square feet, the UConn Innovation Zone is the first official Makerspace at UConn. By providing the necessary materials, equipment and guidance, the Innovation Zone creates an environment where UConn students can bring their ideas from conception to reality. Various workshops are also provided to introduce students to new and innovative topics that they may not otherwise get to experience. 

About the Emerging Tech Center

Once the Werth game room, we've upgraded to the Emerging Tech Center (ETC) to feature VR, circuitry, video games, and robotics. But if you're feeling traditional, we've got classic board and table games too! Join us for a fusion of cutting-edge tech and timeless fun.

Emerging Tech Center
Recording and Editing Center

About the Recording and Editing Center

Introducing our Recording and Editing Center! Whether you're gearing up for a club project or diving into your own creative venture, we've got you covered. Our space is equipped with top-notch technology to help you produce polished videos and audio recordings. From podcasts to personal projects, come in and make the most of our resources to bring your ideas to life!